About Me - Reuben Eruera

The hallmark of a great photographer is someone who has the unique ability to capture not just the magical moments, but also the emotions these moments elicit. It's this ability, coupled with my commitment to an incredibly quick turnaround that truly sets me apart from other photographers. 

Please don't be fooled by my easy going nature. My eye for, and attention to, detail is what I pride myself in most.  I am absolutely committed to serving you whole heartedly and am willing to be as flexible as possible to deliver what you require. 

I pride myself on my personal commitment to not just meet, but exceed the expectations of those I work with. Therefore you can trust that I will be remarkably honest with you and would never commit to a project or undertaking I can not deliver on. Some moments are so important, so special and never repeatable that you deserve certainty that these moments will be captured with excellence. I want you to rest assured that when I commit, I will deliver.


My Services


Wedding/ Engagement Photography

Want to capture your special day? I'd love to do it! Weddings are something I am especially passionate about since I started my career photographing weddings. I have been immersed in weddings ever since I left school whether it's in the area of set up, bar tending, AV, singing, videography and even wedding invitation design - I've done it all. So when I love and appreciate all the effort that goes into your special day, I will do everything I can to capture it.


Birthdays are not only a celebration of age, but also one of the few things that still unite friends and families under the same roof. Because life is moving by so quickly, we need to take advantage of these moments and make the most of them.. That's why it's so handy to have a photographer at a birthday! If not me, get uncle Sam with his iPhone because these moments are too rare to let them slip by. 

Concert Photography

As a musician, I love concerts! I have played and attended my fair share in my short life but other than playing them, I love to capture them! So much emotion and energy is portrayed throughout a concert its like a goldmine for photography. So if you want a concert photographed, give me a bell!







Flick me an email if you are curious where the time goes and want a more detailed quote. 


$50 per hour 

This is a flat rate for time spent at event and editing photos** 




If you want all the photos by 6pm the next day ask about my next day turn around. This is a winner with social media! Conditions apply


*This does not include travel/ accommodation cost if event is outside the Wellington region. Wairarapa & Kapiti $100 extra

**Minimum charge of 5 hours





Get in touch if you have any questions or just want to have coffee!! Let me know below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!